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March 30, 2011

The Top Ten "Must Follow" Baseball Players

As you might have already read, TIME magazine revealed its list of the 140 Twitter feeds that one could call “must follows”.

Of the nine athletes on the list, only one (San Francisco closer Brian Wilson) is a pro ballplayer, and it got me to thinking…what other Major Leaguers SHOULD have been on the list?

So I reached out to my partners-in-crime…the Baseball Bloggers Alliance and asked them that very question. Here’s what some of them had to say.

Daniel Shoptaw from C70 At The Bat:  A lot of the guys that do Twitter aren't big leaguers right now, but I think Logan Morrison's account has to be up there. If you want to get into former MLBers, C.J. Nitkowski is really a blast to read.

Dan McCloskey from Left Field:  Nick Swisher seems to be the most popular Yankee. He has almost 1.3 million followers. I'm a Yankees fan, and Swisher's one of those guys who seems very likable on and off the field, but I don't follow him. I used to, but it just seemed he had very little to say that was of interest to me. No offense intended to Swisher, but I don't really follow any athletes or celebrities (except sportswriters) for that very reason. While I have no problem with people who like to follow athletes' Twitter accounts, it's just one of those things that doesn't appeal to me. I might have to make an exception for Brian Wilson, though. He's easily the most entertaining personality in the game today.

Julian Levine from Splashing PumpkinsGiants prospect Thomas Neal, among many others.

Britt and Maiya from Snow Woulda Had It!Sergio Romo is definitely one. He's incredibly kind and funny with fans and watching his mentoring of the minor leaguers this spring has been great. Logan Morrison of the Marlins is one of the funniest guys on my Twitter feed pretty consistently. Another one who is super communicative with fans and a great read even if you aren't a Marlins fan. Dirk Hayhurst and Michael Schlact, while not major leaguers, are two of the most inspirational and informative baseball Twitter personalities, aside from Hayhurst's success as an author.

Lisa Swan from Subway SquawkersWell, New York Yankees rightfielder Nick Swisher has almost 1.3 million followers. How he didn't make the (TIME magazine list) is beyond me.

John Southee from Kaught LookingI think a good person that missed that list is former minor leaguer and recently signed indie leaguer Michael Schlact. He is a very positive guy working hard for his chance to make it to the Bigs. Heck, you may already be following him.

All good recommendations…and two (Romo and Neal) that I had no idea were on Twitter. But who do I like the best?

Here (in no particular order) are The Hall of Very Good’s Top Ten “Must Follow”:

Without a doubt…one of the most unintentionally entertaining cats out there. Is the dude 100% serious…or is he bi-polar? That’s the fun of it and the main reason why he’s closing in on 390,000 followers.
Quality recent tweet: I have no money no friends and hated by millions just because I always tell the truth what does that tell you about our society

The Washington Nationals hurler post vacation pictures, updates on his facial hair and, most importantly, responds.
Quality recent tweet: The only thing you get for free at Disneyland is diarrhea

Another guy who is part of the modern day “Mustache Gang” (can we get Clay Zavada on Twiiter, guys?) is Milwaukee Brewers closer Axford. Recently, he let his followers pick his entrance music. Pretty cool.
Quality recent tweet: Dear person that sent me 6 different letters, from 6 different return addresses but the exact same hand writing and city postal stamps. You can't fool me and NO, I am NOT signing all those! Don't try and take advantage of kindness!

Morrison is quickly becoming a Twitter favorite among just about everyone I talk to and fellow players. The Florida Marlin is super active and way engaging.
Quality recent tweet: Theres a Koy pond in the lobby of my building. Vegas odds the Marlins win the WS 40/1. Odds I fall in the pond b4 the allstar break 3/1

Admittedly, I’ve got a soft spot for the former Cincinnati Reds reliever. I mean, anyone who hits Spring Training, embraces the awful number they give him (in this case it was “81”), ponders changing his name to “Ocho Uno” and then emails me a picture of the nameplate on his locker gets my vote.
Quality recent tweet: If ur lookin for some good pork chops in Louisville at the Brickhouse Tavern

The Texas Rangers pitcher has become one of those guys who, when you see him on the mound…you see him on the mound, you almost automatically think “Straight Edge Racer” and not “C.J. Wilson”.
Quality recent tweet: I've got VCU in a pool. no chance they pull it off and win me 1500 bucks

Antonelli, now in the Washington Nationals farm system gets Twitter. Not only is he engaging, runs his own blog…but dude posts original video content as well.
Quality recent tweet: Anyone ever eaten actual food at Dairy Queen? For some reason just looking at it on the menu makes me feel sick

Last season, Price hit the Twitters and blasted Tampa Bay Rays fans. Right or wrong…it took balls to do what he did and he’s had my respect ever since. And yeah…he was right.
Quality recent tweet: Not funny...if true give it back! RT @MrCowhead: Just bought a watch the dude said belonged to @DAVIDprice14 ..good deal!

The Oakland A’s outfielder cracks me up. He’ll sooner tweet about getting his hair done and car detailed than about baseball. It’s almost like his attitude is…“oh yeah, I do that too”.
Quality recent tweet: Getting my hair redid, eating a fruit bowl and bit into a piece of mango, now it's stuck between my teeth... So frustrating!

If you’re not following the Chicago White Sox manager, stop reading and go do it. One word. Jell-O.
Quality recent tweet: Waiting for my wife to have dinner in jack in the box love the tacos

So who do you like to follow? Make your thoughts known in the comments…why not?!? And if you’re into shameless plugs (who isn’t!)…why not get off your ass and follow The Hall of Very Good on Twitter?


Squirrel said...

Wow, Conseco is and will always be a scumbag even if he has told the truth about PED's.

William Tasker - Caribou, ME said...

I agree with your choices and would add Sam Fuld, who is gracious in responses and Robinson Cano, who is always positive and interesting.