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March 29, 2011

Twitter Tuesday: Brian Wilson

Monday, TIME magazine revealed their list of the 140 Twitter feeds that are "shaping the conversation".

The list includes actors, musicians, politicians, fictional characters and, among other things, news feeds.  At the top of the list...Lady Gaga, Neil Patrick Harris, Sarah Palin and a host of people I didn't care enough to find out who they were.

Also included...nine athletes.

And of those nine, only one baseball player?  San Francisco Giants closer Brian Patrick Wilson.

According to The San Francisco Chronicle, Wilson ended his previous venture on Twitter in April 2009 after implying he was partying all night. 

The next afternoon, he blew a save opportunity. 

Controversy ensued and Wilson ended up removing all his posts...even thought he claimed his tweets were "made up stories that reflect my humor".

This past February, the bearded one returned.

And 95,000 followers later...he's one of the sports most popular figures in the Twittersphere.  You can follow Brian Wilson at, simply, @brianwilson38...and I suggest you do.

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