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April 2, 2011

The Barry Bonds Trial in Pictures

Alright…I’ll admit it. I really haven’t been following the Barry Bonds trial.

Should I be?

I mean…this isn’t exactly the O.J. Simpson trial. There’s no crazy car chase, no bloody gloves and, alas, no Kato.

Enter Norman Quebedeau.

Quebedeau is the San Francisco-based courtroom sketch artist who is getting paid (handsomely I’m sure) to draw pictures of the USA vs. Barry Lamar Bonds since we can’t watch it play out live on TV.

But here’s the catch…I’m pretty sure dude is some sort of children’s book illustrator. He has to be, right?

Check out a few of my favorite pictures. And yeah…before you ask, from left to right, those are pictures of Bonds, Jason Giambi, and TV's Steve Urkel.

Based on the pictures alone…I’m still not going to up and start following the case. HOWEVER, if the pictures were bound together in some sort of singsongy Shel Silverstein-like picture book…I’d be sold.

Seriously, couldn’t you see Barry Goes to Court on the book shelf at Borders sammiched between Everybody Poops and Bunnicula?

I know I can.

You can check out the rest of Quebedeau’s pictures (and, Lord, I suggest you do!) at his website or through his Facebook page.

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