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April 4, 2011

Barry Zito: Mustached American

Somehow, with all the sideshow activities surrounding the San Francisco Giants this past off season one VERY important nugget of information was hidden from the world.

Barry Zito grew a mustache.

I know, I doesn't seem like much, but for a guy who had seemingly lost his mojo the last couple of years, going "Full Pavano" might be the key to his success.

The boys over at Larry Brown Sports are even suggesting it might have aided in the speedy recovery from that car accident last week.

Zito says (he made) his scheduled start because he can pitch through the tightness and would rather not screw up the Giants rotation this early in the year. In reality, he doesn’t want to reveal his secret. Believe me — the stache is the key.

I'm inclined to agree and I'm hoping he's 100% soon.

I've always liked the Zito. Seriously. That wicked curve, the hot celebrity girlfriends and his "who gives a shit...I'm just going to sit here, play my guitar and make millions" attitude.

And don't tell me you don't either.

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