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April 12, 2011

Carlos Delgado to Hang it Up for Good

If you follow any of the numerous reports out there...former slugger Carlos Delgado will be announcing his retirement Wednesday.
It's been pretty much a foregone conclusion given dude can't seem to get his hip 100% or find a ride.

But what about those Hall of Fame chances?

As I've written before, Delgado's career totals of a .280 batting average, 473 home runs and 1512 RBI are impressive. Unfortunately, the climate of today's baseball frontier is such that if you didn't produce those numbers over the span of a 17-year is pretty much deemed a failure of sorts. hardware to speak of, only two All-Star appearances and a mere 2038 hits?  Yeah, Delgado is going to need a little more to get my support.

Overall, if you look at Delgado's numbers, he stacks up rather favorably to some players already in the Hall of Fame. Among those players (according to Baseball-Reference) are legends Willie Stargell, Willie McCovey and Duke Snider.

Of the more recent players on the list, Delgado matches up well with Jeff Bagwell, Fred McGriff and Andres Galarraga. The problem? None of the three of them are considered shoe-ins...and neither should Delgado.

1 comment:

Kurt Smith said...

Tough call. 473 dingers is pretty impressive, but you're right not much else.

Still, I don't hold the lack of hardware against any player...I would never deny Ernie Banks or Don Mattingly.