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April 3, 2011

Hideki Matsui Celebrates Japanese Heritage Day

In his first at bat Sunday, new Oakland Athletics designated hitter Hideki Matsui did something he couldn't do in his first seven.

He got a hit.

Why is that a big deal? 

That second-inning double was the 2500th hit of "Godzilla" professional career...and it just so happened to come on Japanese Heritage Day.

"I feel relief just getting my first hit as a member of the A's and getting our first win," Matsui told reporters after the game. "I'm not really focused on my hits between Japan and the big leagues."

Thankfully...The Hall is.

If you break down Matsui's hit totals...the 36-year-old now has 1111 to add to the 1390 he got as a member of the Yomiuri Giants.

But I'll be more impressed when dude gets his seventh home run this year.

Going into this season, Matsui has 161 career home runs over his eight-year Major League career. Combine that with the 332 he hit in Japan...and you're looking at 493 career bombs.  You see the numbers I'm dropping?

Matsui is on the verge of 500 career home runs...and ain't nobody talking about it.

And yeah...I just dropped an "and ain't nobody"!

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