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April 27, 2011

Logan Morrison's Cast is on eBay

I'm not a big eBay guy.

Honestly, the most excited I've gotten about buying other people's trash was when I found (and bought!) that Rockwell LP for sale a few years ago or last year when Corey Haim's family decided to sell his junk to pay for his funeral.

But then, Florida Marlins leftfielder Logan Morrison went and did this.

Now, if you were too lazy to click on the link above, Morrison is selling his recently removed cast via the online auction site.  And here's part of what the official listing says!

Cast was worn by Logan Morrison, starting left fielder for the Florida Marlins, after injuring his foot last week. Item was signed by 24 members of the 2011 Florida Marlins Roster (not including Hanley Ramirez #2) and was "MLB Authenticated" at the time of signing.

All proceeds will be donated to the American Lung Association.

Why the American Lung Association?  Simple.  Morrison's father died from lung cancer this past December and what a creative way to help raise money for a great organization.

Now...more about that cast itself.

The 23-year-old is suffering from a Lisfranc strain (strained left arch) and was put on the disabled list April 21. Meaning...the earliest he could be activated would be May 5.  But, given the initial estimate on Morrison's injury was that he could be out up to a month...returning by Mother's Day might be a little optimistic.

"There are also hurdles I have to get over," Morrison told "The doctor said, 'Go as far as the pain will let you go. If it hurts, shut it down.'"

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