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April 11, 2011

Meet Jose Canseco...Manager?

It appears as though Jose Canseco is ready to pen the latest chapter (you know...because he wrote those books) of his life.

As the latest publicity stunt, er...manager of the Yuma Scorpions.

I'll save you the hackneyed vernacular...this is what the team had to say.

The Yuma Scorpions announced today that Jose Canseco has been named as the Manager of the minor league baseball team for this coming season in the North American League. He will also play 1B or DH and will be the first fulltime player manager in professional baseball since Pete Rose held the similar position with the Cincinnati Reds in 1984 - 1986. In addition, his twin brother Ozzie will serve as his hitting/bench coach and will also play fulltime. Expected to bat in the 3rd and 4th spots in the order, the brothers will be facing a league stocked with AA, AAA, and major league experienced pitching many of whom are half their age. He will also face opposing managers with major league credentials of their own such as Garry Templeton (Maui), Mike Marshall (Chico), Tim Johnson (Lake County), Doc Edwards (San Angelo), and Morgan Burkhart (Calgary).

"I'm excited about my first chance to manage a club in professional baseball and to begin to transition my career to helping younger players and giving back to the game," Canseco said via the team's press release.

"I know I can still play and hit so this player/manager opportunity was just what I was looking for. Two of my idols started as player managers...Frank Robinson (Cleveland 1975) and Joe Torre (NY Mets 1977), and I can only hope to follow in their footsteps."

Given dude's recent track'll be interesting to see how long this latest venture will last.

Best of luck though...see you when the Scorps get to Chicago. Or not.


Anonymous said...

Saw him on Trump's apprentice show. The guy is straight up a stooge.

Rickro said...

Amazes me how people beat this guy up! He's not the first guy that has tried to capitalize on his career after baseball. Besides hitting prodigious blasts, here is a guy that admitted steroid use and said it was an epidemic in baseball; moreover, he is now hated for it. A rat is what many call him. I'd choose him over McGwire, who stared down the Maris family, Bonds, Palmiero (Mr. Finger Pointer), Clemens, Sosa, Rodriguez (660 Hr's and counting) et al! Who would have stepped forward if not for Canseco???