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April 4, 2011

Moyer Monday: April 4

Last Thursday was the first Opening Day since Opening Day 1985 that Jamie Moyer wasn't on a professional roster somewhere.  And the number one song back in April 1985..."We Are The World". 

So while you quietly hum that to comes this month's "Moyer Monday.

Question: When you can get away from your busy schedules, what do you and Karen like to do for fun?

Moyer: Hanging out at the beach in Florida is very relaxing. We always enjoy hanging out with our kids too.

Question: I used to be a Mariners Ballgirl/Fielder and loved listening to Dave Niehaus broadcast the games while hanging out with the kids.  Do you have a favorite Niehaus call?

Moyer: My favorite Niehuas call would have to be “get out the rye bread and the mustard, Grandma because it’s grand salami time!”

Question: What Spring Training facility is your favorite?

Moyer: Each location has its perks, but overall I prefer Phoenix facilities over Florida.

Question: We loved seeing you on Baseball Tonight this week! What’s your favorite part about being an MLB analyst so far?

Moyer: It’s still very early in this experience for me, but I certainly respect and appreciate all the effort that goes into producing the show.  People are very passionate about baseball and passionate about their jobs.

Question: Will we be seeing you at any Phils home games?

Moyer: Yes, I really enjoy Citizens Bank Park and love seeing the passion of the Phillies fans.

Question: Which Phillies starter do you think will post the best numbers by the All-Star break?

Moyer: There are a lot of factors that play into winning baseball games, but it would be really cool to see five guys have ten wins at the All-Star break.  (That) would probably make baseball history!

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