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May 24, 2011

Ashkon is "Feeling Like a Giant"

If I had to pick a favorite San Francisco-based rapper, I mean, gun to my head, HAD to pick one…I’d go with Ashkon.

Sure, I’m biased. Dude is a good friend of this site, is mad serious about his love of baseball (and his World Champion Giants) and, last fall, agreed to an interview.

But all that aside, the guy can flow and he’s back to reset the clock on his fifteen minutes of fame with a new video paying homage to his beloved Black and Orange.

Oh, and this time…he brought a buddy.

And in case you’ve been in the dark and not one of millions to have watched Ashkon’s first foray into team anthems…feel free to check out “Don’t Stop Believin’”.

***A tip of the cap to for the "Feeling Like a Giant" music video.***

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