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May 16, 2011

Dear Cooperstown...

If I’ve learned anything over the past couple of weeks is that I am drunk on Ross Grimsley.

Sure, I’ve made “Scuz” the visage of The Hall of Very Good.  I've even proudly displayed his mug coast-to-coast on a t-shirt (available here!), but I would never consider the guy a Hall of Famer.

Does he have an upper lip sweater worthy of mention by The American Mustache Institute? Absolutely.

Does he have the surly disposition (he once went to court over a ball he threw at group of rowdy fans) to get him into the Bad Ass Hall of Fame? Sure…why not.

Both no-brainers.  But let’s get back to that Grimsley intoxication.

Last week I got an idea…why not reach out to Hall of Fame President Jeff Idelson? Surely, Idelson would, with the proper coaxing, hop aboard the Grimsley train and maybe, if only for a day, make the lefty an honorary Hall member.

I was wrong.

Thank you for your note.

We'd love to help you, but we don't have a program to induct guys for a day...we only induct permanently. The museum is the where guys like Ross and others who never made it as Hall of Famers are represented.

Take Care, jidelson

C'mon, can't even give the former All-Star a free season pass to the museum? 


It was worth a shot, right?

In looking back at Grimsley’s May 16, 1971 debut against the Montreal Expos, his Cincinnati Reds had a dugout that featured three future Hall of Famers (Sparky Anderson, Johnny Bench and Tony Perez) and eventual hit king Pete Rose. Also on the field was another future Cooperstown resident, umpire Doug Harvey.

But, man…wouldn’t it have been nice to re-write the history books and put an “Honorary Hall of Fame” asterisk next to Grimsley’s name?

I think so.

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