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May 4, 2011

Jose Canseco Pitching Reality Show About New Team

Typically, it’s pretty difficult to upstage a no-hitter…regardless how unimpressive it was.

But leave it to Jose Canseco to try.

We’re just weeks away from his Yuma Scorpions taking the field, so, naturally…what does the one-time MVP do?

He heads to Twitter to try and pitch a reality show to the executives from TruTV.

Can any top executive from true tv please contact me asap about a reality tv show .I have a great idea

Now, initially, I didn’t have a clue what that idea might be.  He's Jose Canseco and, frankly, he's going to do and say whatever he wants.

But then I reached out to Yuma General Manager Jose Melendez.

"He is pitching a reality show for the Yuma Scorpions," was the one-line email I received back late Tuesday night from Melendez.

So there you have it, gang.  The 46-year-old is looking to get back into the realm of reality television by pitching a show on the team he is about to manage.

If that's true (and if it gets greenlit)...I'd watch.  Wouldn't you?

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