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May 20, 2011

Playing With/Against Ross Grimsley

Throughout his playing career, Ross Grimsley had to have shared the field with hundreds of players.

In an effort to further celebrate the 40th anniversary of Grimsley’s Major League debut…I tracked down three of them to get their thoughts on “Scuz”.

HOVG: There are plenty of stories out there about Ross Grimsley and his superstitions. Do you recall any of his superstitions?

ED HERRMANN: All players had superstitions; some went further than the other. Most pitchers had more supers than players did. There was nothing out of the ordinary that I remember.

HOVG: Do you have any good clubhouse stories or memories of Ross Grimsley?

HERRMANN: I'm from the old school, what's said and done the clubhouse, stays in the clubhouse. No clubhouse stories to share here

WARREN CROMARTIE: Ross was a great teammate! I had lots of fun with him for three years in Montreal. I am also very proud to have played with the Expos only 20-game winner.

LENNY RANDLE: His afro and Oscar Gamble’s were classic! The ball would come out of (Grimsley’s) hair when he threw over the top. If he only knew it, it could have been a great cover up.

CROMARTIE: “Scuz” was a fierce and smart pitcher. I enjoyed the times when we hung out after the ballgame for dinner and a beer!

HOVG: Do you associate at all with Ross Grimsley now? If so…what is your relationship with him now?

HERRMANN: I haven't seen Ross since we played together. He was a great pitcher, very competitive and a good teammate. Way better than people gave him credit for.

Former outfielder Warren Cromartie played with Grimsley for three years in Montreal. Ed Herrmann served as Grimsley’s battery mate in 1978. Former infielder Lenny Randle faced went head-to-head against Grimsley while two played for the Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles respectively. Head-to-head, Randle got ten hits in 36 at bats…good for a .276 batting average.


FULLPACK said...

Rosco P Foreskin ... need I say more!

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Is that you Stanhouse?