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May 18, 2011

Ross is Boss: Mark's Ephemera

To my surprise, there has been a pretty good response to celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ross Grimsley's Major League debut.

I received one of my favorite emails (and, subsequently, links) today.

As a Friend of the (Baseball Bloggers Alliance) I've become aware of your love affair with Ross Grimsley. I just posted a blog entry about him. You'll find it interesting, I hope.

Keep up the good work.
Mark Aubrey

Here is what Aubrey uncovered over at his site Mark's Ephemera.

I can't start to recap (Ross Grimsley's) career in a few paragraphs, especially when you can easily peruse it at baseball-reference. But one thing that caught my eye was his trade on December 4, 1973.

Traded by the Cincinnati Reds with Wally Williams (minors) to the Baltimore Orioles for Bill Wood (minors), Junior Kennedy and Merv Rettenmund.

This really isn't that amazing or interesting. Minor leaguers, players, teams. Trades like this happen all the time.

I was intrigued by the double letter sequences in the players' names.


Five players, all with at least one double letter sequence. I know of no other trade that accomplishes this feat.

Pretty cool, man! Keep up the good work, gang...and keep the party rolling!

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