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May 18, 2011

RossArt: Artists' Roundtable

As part of this week-long celebration of the 40th anniversary of Ross Grimsley’s Major League debut, three artists with three very different visions were tasked with coming up with some fresh “RossArt”.

If you haven’t already…feel free to check out the original work of Foodstamp Davis, Derek Erdman and Scott Wilke.

I’ll just sit here and wait.

Now that you’ve returned (you have returned, right?)…please enjoy this Artists’ Roundtable.

HOVG: When you start drawing a subject like Ross Grimsley...where do you start? The mustache, the hair...somewhere else?

WILKE: I started with the outline of his body and head and then I began with his face. I usually lightly draw the face because I tend to erase often. Typically, the rest of the drawing is completed…then I go back to the facial area. I saved the mustache for last because it was the signature of the illustration.

ERDMAN: Probably the hair. Or the hat. In this case it was the Expos logo. It varies, really.

FOODSTAMP: This was the second time I’ve been tasked with capturing Grimsley’s swarthy image. I can’t really tell you how I started the drawings, but I can tell you that the experience was the same each time. I barely pick up my pen before I’m overcome with the beauty and I just sort of go into a trance. When I come to, the picture has already been completed and I remember nothing. Also I’m all sweaty.

HOVG: Obviously you each have a different style, but one thing is the same…you all like drawing people. Who has been your favorite person to draw thus far?

WILKE: So far, Prince Fielder is and has been my favorite to draw. I’m a big fan and he has a cartoonish look to his stance and swing.

ERDMAN: I really like to draw Diana Ross. I love her shoulders.

FOODSTAMP: That would have to be draculas driving cool trucks.

HOVG: Any subjects you’d like to tackle in the future?

FOODSTAMP: Now that I’ve combined Ross Grimsley and Burt Reynolds, I’m not really sure where I can go from here. This could be the start of an entire portfolio of important mustaches of the sports and entertainment world. Maybe Lanny McDonald dressed like Magnum P.I. or Rollie Fingers arm wrestling John Waters.

WILKE: I plan on doing George Brett, Robin Yount and Paul Molitor in the near future. They are my favorite players of the pre-steriod era. I am currently working on a Ricky Weeks of the Milwaukee Brewers, which will be completed by next Monday.

ERDMAN: Oh geez, I dunno. I get a lot of orders from people to draw their children. I reckon I'm going to tackle children next.

HOVG: Where can people keep up with what you're working on or maybe purchase some of your art?

WILKE: You can find Wilke Art online to see and purchase prints or originals. You may also “Like” Wilke Art on facebook.

FOODSTAMP: People can keep up with my random personal and professional projects as well as my recently-begun “365 Days of Unplanned Doodles” at my very disorganized flickr page. For random links to look at while at work, adorable animal YouTube videos, random non sequiturs, occasional drunken depression, or even to contact me about commissioning some artwork (now accepting money!) you can follow/contact me on Twitter.

ERDMAN: Facebook, Tumblr, or my website. Try Google!

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