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May 18, 2011

RossArt: Derek Erdman

A few weeks back, I hammered out a quick post for the Bowie Baysox Mustache Night promotion and when I searched the Googles for a picture of Hall of Famer Eddie Murray...I was greeted with a colorful piece by Derek Erdman.

I'm going to be honest...I had no idea who Erdman was at first.  I thought he was a pretty good artist who was able to capture the essence of his subject in even the simplest of pictures.

But dude even has his own Wikipedia entry!

Derek Erdman (born December 6, 1973) is an artist living in Seattle, Washington. Erdman is known primarily for his vibrantly colored paintings, his phone-prank CD Kathy McGinty, his portrayal of Rap Master Maurice, and his website. His work has appeared in the Chicago Reader newspaper, Roctober magazine, and on the cover of the acclaimed 2006 novel Lullabies for Little Criminals. In 2010, Erdman contributed to MTV's music website and became a regular contributor to Seattle's the Stranger.

Any way you slice it, Erdman is legit and I'm proud to have his original take on "Scuz" as part of this week's celebration.
You can check out Erdman's massive collection of work (and Lord, I suggest you do!) over at his website.

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