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May 18, 2011

RossArt: Foodstamp Davis

Every good company has an iconic logo.

Nike has its swoosh.

McDonald's has its arches and that clown.

And The Hall of Very Good (and no...I'm not calling this website a "good company") has its "Grimsley".

You see, the "Grimsley" is, and has been some time, the official logo for The Hall...and to further celebrate the 40th anniversary of Ross Grimsley's Major League debut, I've reached out to some friends for their artistic interpretations of "Scuz".

But first...about the "Grimsley".

When I needed to brand this site, I reached out to my friend Foodstamp Davis and asked him about transforming one of my favorite baseball cards (the 1981 Topps Ross Grimsley) into something magical.

And he did.

Years after the later, "Foodstamp" has, possibly, outdone himself.

Initially, I wasn't sure how I felt about the Ross Grimsley-Burt Reynolds hybrid...but, honestly, it grew on me. I hope it grows on you as well.

You can check out more of Foodstamp's work, or more specifically, his “365 Days of Unplanned Doodles” at his flickr page.

Please check out the other “RossArt” artists Scott Wilke and Derek Erdman as well as the Artists' Roundtable. Man…try typing that five times fast!

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