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May 6, 2011

Sign Pujols...These Guys Did!

A recent trip to St. Louis a few weeks back proved one thing to me.

St. Louisans LOVE Albert Pujols.

I know, I know…dumb statement. But, if the streets around the city were free of people…you’d have a hard time believing that the city itself loved the three-time MVP.

Allow me explain.

Not that long ago, I was in Philadelphia and on the side of Lincoln Financial Field was a larger that God picture of the embattled Donovan McNabb.

That’s right…the same quarterback that was the topic of annual trade talks and eventually shipped out of town.

And just last year, on a trip to Chicago, it was hard not to notice that the Cubs brass saw it fitting to adorn historic Wrigley Field with banners of its players.

So riddle me this…why doesn’t every billboard, office building and street light in the Gateway City have the visage of one of baseball’s greatest hanging from it?

I mean, there shouldn’t be a square inch of that city that doesn’t have the lifetime .330 hitter on display.

Enter Ron Heinz.

Not long ago, Heinz and his buddies decided to do what they could to get the Cardinals to sign Pujols…by signing Pujols.


To show his support for “The Machine”, Heinz bought the domain and enlisted the help of others to get custom-printed, stamped-metal signs in the hands of every red t-shirt clad Cardinals fan that doesn’t want to see their best player go elsewhere

And all it’ll cost you is 15 bucks.

But here’s the best part. Not only will those who buy the signs show their desire to have the St. Louis slugger back into the fold…they’ll be helping a great cause.

You see, proceeds from every purchase will be donated to The Pujols Family Foundation to help those with Down Syndrome.

So c’mon Cardinals fans…what are you waiting for?

If you want Albert Pujols to stay with your team, get yourself a sign and make your thoughts known. What…you got better plans for that 15 bones in your pocket?

You can check out the Sign Pujols movement on Facebook and Twitter. Go get 'em!

1 comment:

agentbuck said...

We have 2 signpujols signs. My boys waved. Them around in houston last week at the game. Same day berkman made his houston debut and the day albert didn't start due to tightness in hamstring.