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May 27, 2011

Stephen Strasburg Throws Off Mound...Can't Hold a Gun

Earlier this week, pitching phenom Stephen Strasburg tweeted some encouraging words to the Washington Nationals faithful.

First bullpen in the books. Felt great! Hopefully time will speed up now!

Of course, that was far better news than what Kevin Kaduk from Yahoo! Sports posted…that the big righty had been taken into custody by red ninjas.

Allow me to explain.

Wednesday…a fella by the name of “Vega” put up a gem of a post over at the Washington Nationals Fan Forum.

It started innocently enough:

I picked up a Mcfarlane Playmakers Stephen Strasburg action figure two weeks ago. I figured that you guys might want to see it, so here's my review.

Then the hilarity ensued...and it included a number of your favorite G.I. Joe figures, a chainsaw, Wolverine and, of course, those red ninjas.

Now, if the exploits if action figure Strasburg is a precursor of what might be on the horizons for a healthy Stras…oh my.

If he can't return from Tommy John surgery…I’m pretty sure homeboy has a second career as an American Hero already lined up!

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