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May 12, 2011

Tim Wakefield is Officially Old

It's almost fitting that, on the same day we're celebrating Yogi Berra's 86th birthday...we're also talking about the game's oldest active player.

And I can't help it, gang, I eat this kind of stuff up. 

With an appearance Wednesday night, Tim Wakefield became the oldest player to play in a game for the Boston Red Sox.  He is 44 years and 282 days old.

Who used to be the oldest?  The boys over at Joy of Sox have got you covered.

Deacon McGuire had held that distinction since making one pinch-hit appearance for the Red Sox against the St. Louis Browns on August 24, 1908 (44 years, 280 days). McGuire managed the Red Sox for the final 106 games in 1907 and the first 115 games of the 1908 season; oddly, his plate appearance came in Game #116.

McGuire was a catcher for most of his career, playing for parts of 26 seasons, although for his final four seasons (1907-08, 1910, 1912) he made only 16 plate appearances over 11 games.

So far, through 11 appearances this season, the knuckleballer is 0-1 with a 5.40 ERA.  That said, he is the active leader in wins (193), innings pitched (3095) and a slew of other categories.

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