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June 30, 2011

Being a Cubs Fan Can Make You Sick

I'm going to ask this as politely as I can...are you surprised that team that has a stadium that still uses troughs as urinals is connected to failed health inspections?

Allow me to explain.

Love the Chicago Cubs or hate them, you've gotta admire the number of fans that take to the neighborhood rooftops to get a glance of their "Lovable Losers".

I'm not a fan of the team, but I'd have gladly watched a game from across the street from Wrigley Field.

Until now.

According to a Chicago Tribune report...two of the rooftop venues failed health inspections.

The city found at least 12 violations at Beyond the Ivy, 1048 W. Waveland Ave., including food being stored at improper temperatures. At Brixen Ivy, 1044 W. Waveland, where at least eight violations were reported, officials observed workers wearing the same gloves to handle food, touch garbage cans and wipe their faces.

Inspectors observed "poor" hygienic practices and employees "handling ready to eat food, touching non-food contact surfaces, such as garbage cans, door knobs, wiping their faces, etc., then going back to touching ready to eat food without changing gloves in between (or washing) hands" — a critical violation.

Other critical violations listed included raw chicken stored in a picnic cooler at the wrong temperatures and without a temperature log, and no exposed hand sink at an outside cooking area, where employees were seen not washing their hands.

Food such as tomatoes, lettuce and potato salad was found to be not properly shielded to minimize contamination, a "serious" violation. The rooftop was instructed to install a sneeze guard, the piece of plastic or glass commonly found above food on buffets.

I'm not going to lie, I rarely think about where my food was before it gets to me...but I will now.  Especially if I'm dropping at least a hundred smacks to sit on a hot Chicago rooftop in the middle of summer eating potato salad.


At least the food the fans are eating is as bad as the team they're watching.  Zing!

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