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June 16, 2011

Charges Against Garrett Wittels Dropped

It's the type of story that, when you see the headline, you're hoping that it doesn't involve the one dude at Florida International University that you know.

But, unfortunately, it did.

Last December, FIU's star player Garrett Wittels was hit with rape charges and on Wednesday night, his lawyers revealed that the rape charges filed against the college junior have been dropped.

This, according to the Miami Herald:

Prosecutors announced in Bahamian court Wednesday that rape charges filed against Wittels, FIU’s star shortstop, and friends Robert Rothschild and Jonathan Oberti will be dropped Monday, his lawyer Richard Sharpstein told The Miami Herald.

Wittels and his friends were accused last December of sexually assaulting two 17-year-old American girls while partying at the Atlantis Paradise Island resort.

But authorities apparently decided the evidence gathered did not warrant proceeding with the case, which garnered national attention as it came amid Wittels’ failed pursuit of the NCAA hitting streak record.

Wittels' hitting streak was snapped in the Golden Panthers first game of the season, but dude since went on to have a pretty productive season, hitting .345 with a team-high 88 hits in 60 games.

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