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June 7, 2011

Eddie Gaedel's Great-Nephew Drafted

A number of you out there (okay, probably three or four of you) know about my disdain for Valparaiso University.

So, admittedly, I've probably purposely turned away from what is actually a pretty cool story.

Thankfully, we've got the gang over at Big League Stew to keep us all informed.

Valparaiso outfielder and new MLB draft pick Kyle Gaedele says he is proud of the major league bloodline that runs through his family — no matter how short it is.

Gaedele, whom the San Diego Padres picked in the sixth round of the draft on Tuesday afternoon, is a great-nephew of 3-foot-7 Eddie Gaedel, the shortest (and lightest) player in major league history and star of its greatest stunt.

The younger Gaedel, er, Gaedele was drafted in 2008 as well. Last year at this time, he was on the field for the Madison Mallards of the summer collegiate Northwoods League.

Dude led the Mallards in home runs with nine and RBI with 38 and even appeared in the league's All-Star Game.

There's a number of cool things about this story, but Hell...any story about a baseball-playing dwarf has me interested!

Check out more by watching the video below.

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