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June 4, 2011

"I'm Eli Whiteside"

I'm not sure if the following statement is true (and please, gang, correct me if I am wrong), but San Francisco Giants fans have got to be leading the Majors in fan-created videos.

We all know about the success Ashkon has had prior to and since the Giants' World Series run...but who'd have ever thought that the season ending injury to catcher Buster Posey would inspire an anthem.

Sure, the production value is nowhere near Ashkon's "Don't Stop Believing"...but it is (almost) as catchy.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you "I'm Eli Whiteside". Oh...and as a sidenote, dude is hitting a mere .174 since "The Killers" cover hit YouTube.


***Props to Kirk Shelton for sending me the link...keep 'em coming!***


Drewmacha said...

Great job! Frickin' hilarious & cleverly done.

Baldy said...

dude should use something like JustForMen for his ain't right to have grey hair in your early 30's...just like it ain't right to go bald in your early 20's...