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June 26, 2011

The Legend Continues...Part Deux

A few weeks ago, Hall contributor Lou Olsen presented some reasons why Tampa Bay Rays outfielder Sam Fuld is awesome.

Sam Fuld is so awesome, that Superman asked him to tone it back a little bit so that people would not get suspicious.

Sam Fuld is so awesome, that when he calls a lady, she has to wear a prophylactic.

Naturally, that led to a number of comments from you, the loyal readers of The Hall. My favorite came from the always plucky Allen McCabe.

Sam Fuld is so awesome, heroin shoots him.

And with that, McCabe got himself a "Legend of Same Fuld" t-shirt...courtesy of the boys over at

But, you know who else has that shirt?

The legend himself. Yet another reason why Sam Fuld is awesome.

***Ever wondered what superhero movies "Super Sam" calls his favorites? Wonder no HERE!***

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