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June 8, 2011

Mark Grace...Busted for DUI

It appears as though 2011 is, again, the "Year of the Pitcher"...the BEER pitcher that is!

Bing bong.

Lame attempt at an even lamer joke aside, this current epidemic of baseball players (past and present) getting busting for driving drunk is getting old. 

The latest...former Chicago Cubs and Arizona Diamondbacks firstbaseman Mark Grace. 

This is what had to say:

Grace, 46, was stopped by Scottsdale police at 64th Street and Cochise Road shortly after 1 a.m. May 30, after he made a wide right turn and police observed him weaving within his lane, according to the report.

Grace, who did not have his wallet or license with him at the time of the arrest, admitted to "having a few drinks," police said.

Grace was arrested on suspicion of driving with a blood-alcohol of more than the legal limit of 0.08 percent and being DUI-impaired to the slightest degree, according to police reports.  Grace was taken to a command post to have his blood drawn and results were pending, police said.

Seriously guys...hire a driver! Or at the very least, tell the cops you spent your day in a mascot costume.


Anonymous said...

Why is this guy still broadcasting after a dui arrest. You people are hypocrites.

ethan said...

grace and the other guy are the worst announcers in all of baseball..and maybe in all of sports..

bbillmcg said...

I think Grace is one of the best in baseball coverage. The worst one is Drew Goodman, for Colorado. What a frontrunner. Has little good to say about the opposing team or players, screams at inappropriate times, and appears to think Colorado Rockies are the second coming in baseball, but he does get alot of help from that hack Rigolsby.

Anonymous said...

Yes I have been a fan for around ten years now and lately it seems like Mark Grace cheers for the other teams more than he does for the D-Backs. It does not surprize me that he is drinking after the comments he said on the air about the lady that was fanning herself at the last home stand.