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June 29, 2011

Ricky Vaughn Did Steroids? Whaaaa...?!?

You figured it was just a matter of time before this story broke.

And, thankfully, the Thirty Mile Zone was all over it. Because, honestly, what else do they have going on?  I mean, both Charlie Sheen and steroids are still hella relevant, right?


If it seemed like Charlie Sheen had a little extra juice on his fastball during "Major League", it's because the actor pumped himself full of steroids to prepare for the says the Warlock.

Sheen, who famously played fireballer Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn, revealed his secret to Sports Illustrated, saying he went on the special sauce for "six to eight weeks" in the hopes of "enhancing [his] performance a little bit."

Sheen added, "You can print this, I don't give a f--k. My fastball went from 79 [mph] to like 85."

I guess I'm not shocked.

Shocked would be that Corbin Bernsen trained for his role by training with Tom Emanski.  Seriously...I've seen some of the Emanski videos and that "ole bullshit" that Roger Dorn pulls at third isn't up to par.

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Cyril Morong said...

It is getting harder and harder to be a baseball fan. This is so disillusioing. 1989 "was" one of my favorite seasons