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June 28, 2011

Save Lenny!

There's a joke that the last book I read was Nails.

Truth is...I think I've read at least three or four others since the Lenny Dykstra-penned opus hit the shelves in 1987.

Either way, I'm embarrassed that it took me a week to discover

And if you've been following the recent exploits of Dykstra, you had to have figured that taking to the internets to raise money for his legal troubles would be the next step for the three-time All-Star.

Here's an excerpt from the site:

Lenny was notified in early June, that the charges not originally filed in state court would soon be filed and he was told when to appear in court, and what to expect for bail.

Since then, Lenny has remained in custody on $500,000 bail. To bond him out, it requires $40-50,000 in cash to pay the bail bond agent, and collateral of $500,000 to secure the bond. The $500K collateral for the bond has been secured, however – the bond premium is still needed.

A few of Lenny’s friends have come forward to assist Lenny with the bond premium, however since the court has refused to lower the bail amount, there is still a bit of a shortfall.

This is where you can help! Help Save Lenny today.

Clearly an impassioned plea from those friends of "Nails". But my favorite part of the site is the "Help Now" section.

Ask yourself this.

If you met Lenny on the street, would you offer to buy him lunch? $10.00 would buy a couple of tacos and a coke for the Dude.

Hey guys, I read Nails...isn't that enough?

A couple of tacos does sound nice though.

***A big thanks to the boys over at Mike Silva's New York Baseball Digest for bringing to light.***


charles said...

weird .... we posted this story almost a week ago...

Jesus Melendez said...

Charles...I'm sure you did! Hence the "I'm embarrassed that it took me a week to discover"

Rickro said...

I might invest a dollar but that's about it....

Anthony Stanley said...

If his baseball "friends" can't come up with what is chump change in their world, that tells me he chose his friends poorly, has very few friends, or a little of both. "Nails" didn't care if that's what the fans sat on. Enjoy life in the pokey, Dykstra.