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July 25, 2011

Behind-the-Scenes with C.J. Wilson

During the All-Star Game festivities of a few weeks ago, you saw a bunch of players and their buddies documenting the events.

But, I'd wager, a majority of those videos are going to show the Home Run Derby and, possibly, the game itself.

That's where friend of The Hall (and no stranger to the camera), Texas Rangers pitcher C.J. Wilson comes in.

You see, the lefty (and his crew) decided to let the camera roll off the field. And what we're left with, is, can see for yourself.

Oh, and that part where Wilson is happy that now he might get a chance to bat in the World Series? Suffice it to say, it reminds me of the time when The Hall interviewed the All-Star two summers ago.

HOVG: Alright, I had to get that out of the way. It seems every interview with you online talks about three things…you being a technology nut, Tommy John surgery and being a “free spirt”. I’d like to try and take it a different direction…if at all possible. In your first game, you give up a single to the only batter you faced…then in the next inning, you get lifted for a pinch hitter. You’re down 12-5…why not let you hit?!? You were quite the hitter in college, right?

CJ: Why not let me hit? It's a puzzling question that I still am upset about five seasons later.

HOVG: Would you ever petition (Rangers manager) Ron Washington to let you hit in some ballgames or, as a reliever, is that a moot point?

CJ: I'm a decent hitter, but realistically, (I won’t hit) until I'm a starter or a National Leaguer. American League closers don't get a lot of at bats, so I'm just going to take my batting practice homers and call it what it is...unfortunate.


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