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July 29, 2011

Boy Bands and Mustaches? Sure!

Alright,'s time to embrace your new favorite minor league baseball team.

The Everett AquaSox.

For some reason, four members of the Class A affiliate of the Seattle Mariners decided to not only (A) lip synch to the Backstreet Boys but (B) the uploaded the results to YouTube. 

Sure, it's not pretty...but I stuck with it the entire time.  And I'm not completely sure why.

Now...if the video posted above (and lovingly stolen from Hot Clicks) doesn't get you going (and should it?), feast your eyes on the glory that is the "Name the Sox 'Stache" video posted over at the team's website.

As the story goes...courtesy of The Sun Break.

A few weeks ago, the 2010 AquaSox pitching staff decided to grow mustaches. Slowly but surely the mustaches have crept on to the faces of over a dozen players. Can you match the man to the mustache?

Sure, the video is a year old. And sure, the boys should've cultivated their lower nose gardens a little longer before putting them on the internets for the world to see.'ve gotta admire their moxy.

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