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July 13, 2011

Look Who Got Tattooed!

It looks like someone just found out he can get tattoos without a parent or guardian signature!

In what appears to be the first two of many ill-advised tattoos that he'll surely wunderkind Bryce Harper has decided to name his hands.

This...courtesy of SB Nation:

On Wednesday, Dan Steinberg posted photos of Bryce Harper at the tattoo parlor. A tribute to his parents. No big deal. In fact, it's kind of nice.

PROBLEM: This is what Bryce will be staring at for the rest of his life.

If these were shoulder tattoos, it wouldn't matter much that they would appear upside-down from his perspective. But these are wrists. He's gonna look at them a lot. And while everyone else will see "Pops" and "Mom," he will forever see "wow" and "sdod."

I guess it could be worse...he could've gone "flight attendant" and gotten that Ultimate Warrior-style eyeblack tattooed on his face.

Now, I'm going to go out on a limb and say that this won't be the dumbest thing the future Washington Nationals slugger will do with that gigantic signing bonus.

Here are some suggestions as to what dude can do:
  • Move the Washington Nationals BACK to sure would make Jonah Keri happy.
  • Pay for former Expos closer Ugueth Urbina's release from prison AND sentence him to do yardwork.
  • Get tattoos removed.


TroyS said...

Disappointed in Bryce. The dude is LDS (ostensibly, I guess), so he ought to know better because not only are tattoos frowned upon in his religion, but the ones he got are pretty lame. Not recommending that he get better ones, just remove those.

Dori said...

Its pretty obvious that he isn't all that smart after all. Nice example, Bryce. You have a real shot to have a lot of people look up to you, but you just shot that down the drink. Why don't you just blow kisses to everyone. Grow up!