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July 22, 2011

More on The Jeter Filter

Remember a couple of weeks ago after Derek Jeter became just the 28th member of baseball’s 3000 hit club I introduced you to the “Jeter Filter”?

Well, as it turns out, the thing is now blowing up.

Thursday, Kevin Kaduk mentioned Rob Spectre’s pet project over at Yahoo’s Big League Stew and later in the day…Jim Rome himself dropped the 4-1-1 (watch the clip below) on how you can rid yourself of those pesky Jeter headlines.

“If you told me in high school I'd eventually do something that ended up on ESPN,” Spectre responded to the news via Facebook. “I'd call you a liar.”

Now, I’m not saying the discovered this thing (honestly, I saw Jimmy Traina tweet about it first)…but, man, I do feel good for my boy Rob.

And in case you’re not up to speed on what exactly the “Jeter Filter” is…here’s the skinny.

Jeter Filter quickly and carefully scours the Internet for signs of Derek Jeter and removes him while you browse, making Jeter disappear...right before your very eyes.

Get a visual notification when Derek Jeter might be on the webpage you are viewing. If the Jeter Filter's search patterns are tripped, your address bar gets a subtle warning icon, serving as a cue you should navigate away immediately.

Job. Well. Done.

***The Jeter illustration used in this post was lifted from Big League Stew. Don't hate.***

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