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July 11, 2011

This Week in Baseball Cards: July 11

So...didja you hear the one about Derek Jeter getting his 3000th hit Saturday?

Here's Bo Rosny with this week's installment of "This Week in Baseball Cards".

The biggest news this week was Derek Jeter’s amazing Saturday, going 5-for-5 with a home run (his 3000th hit) and a game-winning single in the eighth. 3000 hits is pretty amazing.  I remember when the Yankees first drafted this skinny kid back in 1992 and thinking that they wasted the pick. After all, between Mike Gallego and Randy Velarde they had the position covered.

The "Friday 5" this week was with Yankee Stadium Bleacher Creature "Bald Vinny". The Bleacher Creatures have been entertaining Yankee fans (and players) for years. The first player the Creatures really took to was right fielder Paul O’Neill. An early version of those bleacher creatures were the fans who held the O’Neill target signs for their favorite player when he came up to bat.

Finally, next Sunday is MC Hammer Bobblehead Day at the Oakland Coliseum. No word on whether MC Hammer superfan Roberto Alomar will attend.

Remember, you can check out Bo's daily insights over at his site...Baseball Cards Come to Life.

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