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July 25, 2011

This Week in Baseball Cards: July 25

The Hall of Very Good was awash with Hall of Fame talk this past week. also appeared as if an Old Timers Game broke out.
Here's Bo Rosny with this week's installment of "This Week in Baseball Cards".

This week The Hall discussed the chances of various former Major Leaguers entering that other Hall. One controversial suggestion is Julio Franco, who we called “our generation’s Satchel Paige". Here’s Franco in his younger days, with a rookie card from 1984 Topps.

Franco was not the only rookie in that Topps set, and another player with a 1984 rookie card must have read our piece on the potential Class of 2013 and decided that he wanted to take the crown as the 21-century Leroy Robert Paige. 52-year old Tony Phillips is making a comeback, as we reported on Tuesday, with Jose Canseco’s Yuma Scorpions.

Finally, I wanted to show another card of this guy, but apparently there’s now some kind of filter for those whose eyes can’t handle this player’s brilliance. Fine, here’s a card of D**** J****. Hope I didn’t hurt your eyes.

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