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July 19, 2011

Tony Phillips is Back in Baseball

It's one of those things that if you don't follow Jose Canseco on Twitter (and if you don' it now!), you might not have noticed.

Late Monday night, Canseco, the player-manager of the Yuma Scorpions made the announcement (via Twitter, of course) that his former teammate Tony Phillips would be joining the Scorps.

Tony Philips is making a comeback and joins the other mlbers on the Scorps me,ozzie,Gathright,Aybar,Britton,Gracesqui

Immediately, I reached out to Yuma's general manager Jose Melendez to get confirmation.

"Tony has the desire to play again. He is still going through some tryouts with us. He is doing very well and is in very good shape," Melendez told The Hall exclusively. "We will make a decision on him in the next couple of days. (He) looks good though. I have a soft spot for ex-Oakland A’s. if they want to play, I have a hard time saying no. I am a huge Oakland A’s fan."

And if you're still scratching your head about Tony Phillips (because there hasn't been a "Tony Phillips" in the Majors since August 15, 1999...that's the one!

The 52-year-old utility man was a teammate of Canseco in Oakland when the "Bash Brothers" won the World Series in 1989 and played 18 years in the bigs. For his career, he amassed 2023 hits and a .266 batting average.

With the signing of Phillips (to an awesome $1 contract), I'm changing my tune on what Yuma is doing.

At first, I think I called bringing in the Canseco Brothers a publicity stunt. A spectacular publicity stunt...but a publicty stunt nonetheless.

Now...I get it. The Joses (Melendez and Canseco) and turning the Scorpions into the North American Baseball League's version of the "Mean Machine" from "The Longest Yard".

Think about it. You've got Jose Canseco and his myriad of issues. His brother Ozzie has been hit with DUI charges, arrested for aggravated battery and served time for anabolic steroid possession.

Infielder Willy Aybar was recently in prison for assaulting his wife and violating a restraining order and, while it isn't as harsh, outfielder Joey Gathright once got in a pretty public brawl at homeplate with Boston Red Sox pitcher Julian Tavarez.

Former Toronto Blue Jays skipper Tim Johnson is also in the fold as a coach. Yeah, the same Tim Johnson who, while managing north of the border, lied about his time in Vietnam to motivate players.

Now, by adding Phillips to the mix, you've got a guy who, in 1997, was arrested for felony possession of cocaine. And after being suspended by the then-Anaheim Angels, how does Phillips respond?

"I don't know if it's a black-and-white thing or a Tony thing."


I wish I lived in Yuma so I could watch these guys on a nightly basis.

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