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August 12, 2011

It Looks Like Nike Has Given Up

A while back, I received what might have been the greatest t-shirt ever designed.
The Nike Cooperstown Hair-itage Rollie Fingers Player Tee.

What a concept, right? Nike took advantage of everything all red-blooded American men enjoy...'70s baseball legends, mustaches and, for you art nerds, negative space.

All the greats were there and available for purchase: Fingers, Mike Schmidt, Goose Gossage, Reggie Jackson...the list goes on.

But now, I think the gang at Nike is mixing in current players (I blame Brian Wilson's beard) and is, frankly, giving up.

Exhibit A...Andre Ethier.

Exhibit B...Joe Mauer.

The list continues, troops...and you can check out the roster of Nike Hair-itage collection HERE.

Who is your favorite of the bunch? Which shirt misses the mark? Let us know!


Drew said...

We need an Oscar Gamble one.

Maybe with the "People don't think it be like it is, but it do" quote on the back. I'd buy that.

Jesus Melendez said...'s too easy to trot out TWO Coco Crisp shirts that no one will buy. Ugh.