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August 30, 2011

Triple-A Pitcher Sinks Full Court Shot

Suffice it to say, the imminent return of Stephen Strasburg is getting all the attention among Washington Nationals fans.

Until now.

I like my share of trick basketball videos (I've lost hours watching the Pool Domination videos), so when friend of The Hall Matt Antonelli posted the following video on his blog...I couldn't click on the link fast enough.

First...this is what Antonelli posted:

I have to confess. Many of you have seen my Nerf basketball video where my former roommate Wade Leblanc of the San Diego Padres and I drain some pretty ridiculous shots in our run down living room during Spring Training. Well, the truth is, a lot of those shots weren't made on the first try. In fact, some of them took five, ten, even twenty tries.  

But today I have something better for you. We're not joking around with this shot. No Nerf basketballs. I'm talking about the real thing. And this shot was made on the first try. No re-takes. No edits. First shot of the day. Swish. The shot is made by my current teammate J.D. Martin and he needs some props. If my shitty Nerf basketball shots made it all the way to ESPN and First Take then this shot needs to get there too. With you're help, and J.D.'s super human talents, I'm positive it will.'s the video.

Let's see Strasburg do that!

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