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August 2, 2011

An Update on "The Kid"

It seems like forever since we've heard anything about Gary Carter's condition doesn't it?

Well, according to ESPN New York...there is some fantastic news from the Carter camp:

I just got off the phone with my mom and I have WONDERFUL news!

Doctor V said specifically that dad's tumors are 80% better! He is very encouraged and very very pleased with these results (as we ALL are!!) There is much less swelling and the tumors are less dense and "less angry". The size is a little smaller but the most important fact is that these tumors are starting to GO AWAY! Praise the Lord - praise the Lord!!!

The plan is now for dad to start treatment that will require 5 days of chemo in a pill form and then he will do Avastin twice a month.

On a side note, Dr. V told my parents a shocking and unbelievable story that we hadn't known until today. When my dad got his very FIRST MRI in Palm Beach County, his tumors were bad; HOWEVER, we did not realize that when he got his next MRI (only 10 days later at DUKE), Dr. V said they had doubled in size. That is how aggressive they were and so this makes the results that much MORE amazing!

Mom and dad are heading home tonight and are so encouraged! We thank you all for praying for my dad and cheering for TEAM CARTER. We rejoice and praise our Heavenly Father for this news!

Back in May, the Hall of Fame catcher was diagnosed with four malignant tumors in his brain after complaining of headaches and forgetfulness.

Following tests, doctors confirmed that Carter's cancer is indeed inoperable, so the news from his daughter Kimmy Bloemers is amazing to say the least.

You can leave well wishes for "The Kid" over at the Well Wishes for Gary website.  Last year at this time, I had a chance to talk with the 2003 Hall of Fame inductee.   Feel free to read my interview with him.

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