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September 29, 2011

Carlos Zambrano is Done in Chicago

Let's run down the list of things that might signal the pending departure of a player from his current team.
  • Physical altercations with teammates in the dugout.
  • Assaulting a Gatorade cooler with a baseball bat.
  • Clearing out his locker mid-game and hinting at (threatening?) "retirement".
And now this from the Chicago Tribune.

Chicago Cubs pitcher Carlos Zambrano, whose future with the team is in doubt after the Cubs suspended him in August for the rest of the season, has placed one of his two Chicago-area homes -- a 13-room house in River Forest -- on the market for $969,000.

Sure, it's one of his two (do you need two in the same city?) Chicago-area homes...but still, putting the thing up for sale means something.

Especially when you're expected to take a hit, which, according to exactly what Zambrano is doing.

Zambrano's River Forest home is on the market for $969,000. That means Zambrano is taking a loss of no less than $230,000 from his 2006 purchase price.

Feel free to check out the listing of what already appears to be an already pretty EMPTY house.

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