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September 2, 2011

The Greatest Brewers Mustaches of All-Time: Robin Yount

When you look at the Milwaukee Brewers of the past, one thing jumps out.


It's true the team has had a rather rich history when it comes to players donning the lip fur.  To celebrate that fact (and it is a fact), sometime contributor Lou Olsen and his band of misfits over at Reviewing the Brew are counting down the Five Greatest Brewers Mustaches of All-Time.

Number five on the list was, naturally, the team's mascot Bernie Brewer.

Number four...Robin Yount.

As the feature's resident "Stache Specialist" was my take:

When Robin Yount signed his first Major League Baseball contract in 1973, he was a fresh-faced kid. However, the strong influence of his teammates (most likely Gorman Thomas and Charlie Moore) and the cold breeze sweeping off of Lake Michigan soon taught the young (then) shortstop that he needed to harness the powers of the Gods and sprout some northern mouth fur.

And grow it did.

By the end of the 1982 campaign, Yount was the leader of a squad that rivals only the 1972-1974 Oakland Athletics when it comes to teams with labial superiority.

As you well know, the two-time American League MVP was a first ballot inductee into the National Baseball Hall of Fame. Unbeknownst to most...Yount's plaque serves as a shrine not only to his personal achievement, but also to those of Thomas, Moore, Cecil Cooper, Roy Howell, Larry Hisle, Mike Caldwell and the rest of the "Harvey's Wallbangers" that showed the world that mustaches could co-exist both on the baseball field and on the leather pants wearing Club 54 dancers.

You can read the rest of the discussion over at Reviewing the Brew.  Also...feast your eyes on this calvalcade of facial fur from the 1982 World Series.

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