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September 19, 2011

The Greatest Brewers Mustaches of All-Time: Pete Vuckovich

For the last couple of weeks, our brothers-in-arms over at Reviewing the Brew have been breaking down the Five Greatest Brewers Mustaches of All-Time.

Number two on the list, Pete Vuckovich, was "by far the most hotly debated pick of this list". 

Now, when you break down the greatest Brewers of all-time, "Vuke" might not be that high on the list when you factor in his longevity with the ball club.  That said, he did bring home a Cy Young Award and, thanks to his abundant lip sweater, warm many a lass on a cold Milwaukee night.

As the feature's resident "Stache Specialist" was my take:

I think Pete Vuckovich gets ranked so high here (personally, I'd have gone with Vuckovich's former teammate Gorman Thomas) because of his involvement in the 1989 movie "Major League". What?!? You say you didn't know that "Vuke" played the iconic (yet ficticious) Yankees first baseman and Steve Balboni lookalike Clu Haywood?

Then you might want to leave this quick pop quiz to your much smarter, more intelligent (and probably better looking) friends.   

Who said this...Vuke or Clu? "Show me someone that doesn't mind losing, and I'll show you a loser."

Lastly...who was known to sometimes wear "two different brands of spikes, one Puma and one Adidas"?

The answer is all "Vuke", idiot. Clu Haywood isn't real...Pete Vuckovich was your 1982 American League Cy Young Award winner. And played Clu. Wait...what?!? MIND CONFUSION!

You can read the rest of the discussion over at Reviewing the Brew

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