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September 1, 2011

It's a Garfoose Giveaway!

Earlier this week, the Tampa Bay Rays cut ties with pitcher Dirk Hayhurst.

Hayhurst had been injured most of the season (he only made eleven starts with Triple-A Durham) and missed the entre 2010 campaign due to shoulder surgery.

But, man, to read the blurb (and, really, does one line constitute a "blurb"?) from the St. Petersburg'd think the righty was more George Plimpton than, well, Dirk Hayhurst.

Author/pitcher Dirk Hayhurst was released from Triple-A Durham.

Short.  Simple.  To the point.

The popular author of The Bullpen Gospels (and hurler since that is how the newspaper is playing it), is taking his release in passing the savings on to you!

That's right, dude is having a "Post Release Auction Party".

Well, the best way to make use of bad news is by doing something good with it. Now that I’m done for this season, it’s time to use my old gear for a new cause. Below you’ll see some of the items I will have up for my seasonal charity auction in the coming days, with ALL the proceeds going to good causes.

Every won item will include a signed Garfoose Card or two, and a Rays T-shirt (shirts ar XL. Don’t worry, this is America, you’ll grow into it).

Some of the items up for bid (you can find the full list over at his site):

  • This season’s “Mr. Garfoose” glove, with a ball to be Garfoosed and signed to the winner.
  • The infamous Star Wars lunchbox, which will have secrets within that only the winning bidder can open.
  • A Tampa Bay Nike Dry Fit T-shirt… yes, I washed it.
  • A Phiten brand necklace, supposedly imbued with mystical energy that keeps Josh Beckett from turning into a werewolf.

Make sure you follow Hayhurst on Twitter so you can find out how (and when) you can snag some merch and who benefits.

And in the meantime...go buy his book!  Dude needs to eat.

***UPDATE:  Here's the official ebay listing for the "Post Release Auction Party".  Bid early.  Bid often!***

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