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September 15, 2011

Just Manny Being Ani-Manated! Or Something

I've seen the mugshot, read the police report and watched Manny Ramirez shoving cameras and microphones out of his face, but, frankly, this is my favorite part of his most recent battle with the law.

And, yes, I realize you shouldn't have a favorite part, but come on...have you seen the video below?

It's got Ramirez constantly wearing an "MVP" gold chain, bikini-clad women giving him massages (while he's on the phone) and, for some reason, the former All-Star putting an orange into a blender...that is connected via an IV tube to his arm!

All I know is that I've called other videos "the best ever" or my "favorite" and I can tell you...I was lying.

This video takes the cake.

That is, of course, until Jose Canseco does something stupid and the fine folks with Next Media Animation decide to make another baseball-related video.


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