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September 27, 2011

T-Shirt Company Hopes for Manny's Return

Last week, the baseball blogosphere (or at least, maybe, this site) let out a collective "ugh" when it heard that Manny Ramirez was considering making a comeback.

Seriously, do we really need Ramirez coming back and trying to salvage whatever shred of "Manny Being Manny" swagger that might still exist?  Does anyone even care?!?

The answer to that is a easy one.

You remember, right?  They're the guys that cooked up the popular "Manny Ray" shirts that hit the scene also immediately after Ramirez inked a deal with Tampa Bay.

They care.

"We're certainly for it," the t-shirt company's head honcho Jacob Reuter said, "sales have suffered and we still out stuck with TONS of inventory that we cant give away!"

But what to do if Ramirez doesn't come back...much less in a Rays uni?

"End of the year, we'll donate what is left for tax purposes," Reuter added.  "Manny hurt us very badly, but we still love him."

Currently, you can snag a "Manny Ray" shirt for pretty cheap and, if you're so inclined, why not show your love for Evan Longoria, Sam Fuld or Ben Zobrist while you're at it?

Reuter and the boys have plans in the works to add some shirts of some other popular Rays players.  Is there one in particular you'd like to see?  Leave your comment below!

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yea buddy!

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