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September 19, 2011

Ten Things About Mariano Rivera's 602 Saves

I'll make this short.

With a save in Monday's 6-4 victory over the Minnesota Twins, New York Yankees closer Mariano Rivera is now the all-time saves leader with 602.

Here are ten things about Rivera's 602 saves.

Since Mariano Rivera inherited the New York Yankees closer’s job prior to the 1997 season, there have been 110 saves tallied by other members of the bullpen.  Now, while that sounds like a lot, consider this…Rivera has 597 by comparison.

Of the number of Major League records that Mariano Rivera holds…this is one of the more impressive.  Say what you want about the value of saves, but dude has closed out close to 90% of all the save opportunities he’s had.

In Mariano Rivera’s time as a member of the Yankees, he’s closed out a number of games for a number of different pitchers.  The pitcher that he’s been paired up with the most on the win/save ledger…Andy Pettitte.  Of Pettitte’s 203 wins in pinstripes, Rivera saved 68 of them.

Trivia time!  Two of Mariano Rivera’s record 602 saves have been one pitch saves.  The most pitches he’s thrown to get the save came August 23, 1996 when he threw 60.

In May 2010, mariano Rivera tied Eric Gagne for the most consecutive saves at home with 51.  Sure, it isn’t a Major League record, but given the Bombers play in, arguably, the toughest division in baseball…51 straight at The Stadium is impressive.

Sure, sure, 602 career saves is great and all…but how many did Mariano Rivera have in the postseason?  Answer.  42…with 11 of them coming in the World Series.

We all know Mariano Rivera enters Yankees Stadium to “Enter Sandman”, right?  Sure, that’s been documented plenty.  But did you know that the album the track comes from (“Metallica” by Metallica) is the 25th best-selling album of all-time in America?

Due to injury, Mariano Rivera saved a career-worst 28 saves in 2002.  But picking up the slack was Steve Karsay.  Karsay, incidentally, recorded his only saves as a member of the Yankees during the time Rivera was on the shelf.

Let’s break this down.  Mariano Rivera now has a record 602 regular season saves, 42 postseason saves and, four All-Star Game saves.  Anyone who says “saves don’t matter” haven’t watched the 648 games that have been watched with Rivera left standing on the mound.

And speaking of the “saves don’t matter” crowd…here’s some fuel for their fire.  21 times Mariano Rivera came in to secure the victory by only facing one batter.

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gil anthony said...

to me rivera is what the pinstripes are all about...he is class guy

Deron said...

Even though the save is an overrated stat, Mariano is still an all-time great pitcher. His numbers aside from saves are remarkable. He also has broken the all-time record while still currently the best at his position. The only guy I know that did that was Jerry Rice when he broke the all-time receiving yards record.

Anonymous said...

i'm curious as to who the black guy is that's used in the logo above. is it phil lynott from 'thin lizzy'?.......bob

Jesus Melendez said...

Bob...the logo here at The Hall is none other than former pitcher Ross Grimsley. You can learn more about the site's affiliation with Scuz by checking out any of the links from this past May's 40th anniversary "celebration" of his Major League debut.