Anyway, did you know there was actually a baseball card set made to promote the movie "Major League"?  If any of you have this set and don’t want it anymore, Dave of TribeCards, the nicest guy in the baseball card blogosphere, is desperately seeking this set.

It was too tough to link the rest of this week’s news stories to oldbaseball cards, so I’m stepping out of the normal format to highlight a fun card from the days when Upper Deck still ruled the baseball card world.

A few months ago on my blog I wrote about the “porn star name” subset of 1992 Upper Deck, where every card that ended in the #69 (469, 569, etc) had a name like Dickie or Wehner.

Recently I acquired the complete set of 1994 Upper Deck Collectors Choice. Do you think it’s a coincidence that this photo was used for card 369, of Sheen’s buddy Lenny Dykstra?  And is this the scantiest-clad girl to appear on a baseball card?