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October 12, 2011

"Bald Vinny" is Done

I'm not a Yankees fan.  There...I said it.

But, I love baseball and I can appreciate a diehard fan...regardless of who he roots for.

Which brings me to this.

Vinny Milano, friend of The Hall and the de facto leader of the New York Yankees famed "Bleacher Creatures" is done.

That's right.  "Bald Vinny" is no more and he took to his blog to make the announcement.

The biggest reason for me to not return is the lack of stability my chosen career path affords. When this business began, I was single and living alone. These days I have an amazing wife by my side and two of the most beautiful children one could lay eyes on. It is simply impractical for me to continue under my current set of circumstances. I can not rely on the weather to cooperate or for the Yankees to win in order to bring home a paycheck. That was acceptable in the past, but my priorities have changed. I need to take care of my family.

I had the chance to talk with Milano earlier this season about baseball (even though we have vastly different allegiances), historic milestones and life as a father and I really got to appreciate the man behind the televised antics.

And like I said, I'm not a Yankees fan...but I will certainly miss watching "Bald Vinny" leading the roll call from Section 203.

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