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October 20, 2011

Dwight Gooden is (or isn't) "Dating" Bai Ling

Ask me who Dwight Gooden is supposedly cheating on his wife with and I would have never guessed it correctly.

Matter of fact, you could have tied me up in bloody meat and threatened to dunk me into a sharktank and I still wouldn't have ever gotten it right.

Thankfully, "Doc" hit up the Twitters today and put an end to whatever rumors were circulating.

Alot of rumors r going around about me & Bai Ling. She is my friend just like the other cast members from the show. I am happily married

And to further emphasize his point...the former Cy Young Award winner followed up that tweet with one to VH1, Deadspin, TMZ, Perez Hilton and the New York Daily News asking them to retweet him.

Now, I'm no Robert Littall (what's up Black Sports Online!), but I'm pretty sure that when you hit the interwebs to claim you are NOT cheating on your wife with a certifiably insane did.

Any way you slice it...the picture below doesn't look good.

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