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October 18, 2011

Five Reasons Why the St. Louis Cardinals Winning Would be Good for Baseball

Now that the World Series table is're going to be hearing/reading plenty of reasons why both the Texas Rangers and St. Louis Cardinals can (and should) win.

So you don't have to pay attention to those "other guys"...the always insightful "Sully" has taken it upon himself to break down both World Series participants.

Here goes!

1. If Albert Pujols leaves, another title would be a Hell of a Good Bye!

Look, nobody knows what is happening with Albert Pujols. He could be coming back to St. Louis. He could be looking for a new challenge.

Lord knows the Dodgers, Mets, Cubs and Orioles all would love to get some POSITIVE PR. And the Nationals have seem Hell bent to bring a star to DC. So Albert's fate beyond 2011 has not been sealed.

But if he has to go, leave as a champion! All I can think of is Pedro Martinez, whose contract situation wasn't always pleasant. But what was the last image of him pitching for the Red Sox? Winning Game 3 of the 2004 World Series.

Pujols owes Cardinals fans nothing... but if he leaves them happy, how could you be mad?

2. Maybe a THIRD World Series title can make Tony LaRussa remotely likable.

I can't comprehend why I don't like Tony LaRussa. But I don't.

It has nothing to do with the drunk driving (although that makes you an automatic a--hole.) And it has nothing to do with the Glenn Back rally last year. My dislike for LaRussa goes back WAAAAAY before that. And all the cute puppies and kittens can't save it.

But maybe another title can make him seem as cuddly as the animals he loves to be seen with. Maybe a Tony LaRussa title can turn into a celebration of his greatness and a big love in. It might be worth seeing.

3. It would be a wonderful middle finger to Colby Rasmus.

I know I've been picking on Colby Rasmus... but come on! He whined his way out of St. Louis based on one good season.

Albert Pujols NEVER calls anyone out and he called out him.

Having him stuck in Toronto while the Cardinals celebrate without him might give players with one good year second thoughts to acting superior to their Hall of Fame manager. Just saying.

4. The ever growing argument to put Dave Duncan in the Hall of Fame.

As the Phillies are stockpiling aces, the Giants growing them and the Brewers dealing for them, the Cardinals don't need them.
They'll win with Fernando Salas closing games. The Cardinals will win with Kyle Lohse, Jake Westbrook and Edwin Jackson.  That's because Dave Duncan works his magic, just he did when he turned Chris Carpenter from reclamation project to Cy Young winner and Jeff Weaver from waiver material to World Series hero.

The pitchers in St. Louis come and go but they all seem to improve under Duncan. He might be a genius or a wizard. But if he keeps this up, he might be the first person to make the Hall of Fame as a pitching coach!

5. Maybe Mark McGwire's success can lead to more "Post Roids" work Hitting coach.

Mark McGwire hasn't caused much controversy since taking his new gig. He has had some hitters flourish under his watchful eye.

I really hope the sudden surge in Lance Berkman's numbers have been because of McGwire tips and not the old method of "inject this"!

If the page has been turned, then I hope this leads to Barry Bonds, hitting coach.  Roger Clemens, pitching coach.  Oh, let's face it...I want it to lead to Manny Ramirez, MANAGER!

Tell me you wouldn't watch a team managed by Manny every single day!

Are these five reasons not enough for you? For five MORE reasons why the St. Louis Cardinals winning the World Series would be good for baseball...visit Sully's slice of the interwebs.

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Anonymous said...

These aren't reasons that would be good for baseball, they are reasons it would be good for St. Louis and Card's fans...just something i noticed