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October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween...John Axford Style!

Let's face it...people like their favorite athletes.

A lot.

If it isn't carving your pumpkin to honor Texas Rangers skipper Ron's dressing your kid up as him.

And really...who hasn't gotten theie whole family together to sing the praises of the San Francisco Giants?

Which brings me to this.

Milwaukee Brewers pitcher John Axford is beloved by plenty.  This past weekend, the closer was even awarded the Mustached American of the Year Award with a record setting number of votes.

So why am I surprised by the number of people trying to emulate the guy?

I'm just not sure.

By here are some pictures of people who did it well.

Not so well.



Gorman Thomas.

And, of

Oh...and there's always room for the obligatory pumpkin carving.

Happy Halloween!

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